In collaboration with Reproductive Rights Advocacy, Alliance Malaysia (RRAAM), we, at the Malaysia Doctors for Women & Children, look forward to meeting you on Saturday, 5th June 2021 at 1000 BST/ 1700 MYT for our webinar on “An Overview on Female Genital Mutilation in Africa”. To register, please do so here. Details of moderators and speakers can be found below:
Moderator of the webinar:
Dr Syed Hadi Arief

Syed Hadi Arief is a General Practice Specialty Trainee at the Health Education England West Midlands. Hadi received his medical degree from the University of Manchester. He has a keen interest in lifestyle medicine and looking forward to more male advocates in Malaysian Doctors for Women and Children.

Moderator for the Japanese speakers:
Professor Yufu Iguchi

Yufu Iguchi is a Professor at the College of Asia Pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan. Her many publications in English and Japanese include ‘Medicalization of female genital cutting in Malaysia’, ‘“Female genital mutilation” in Malaysia from the viewpoint of sexuality and the female body (Sekushuarithi to Josei no Shintai kara miru Malaysia niokeru ‘Joseiki Setsujo’), ‘Female genital cutting in Malaysia’. She teaches gender studies and cultural studies in undergraduate and graduate courses.

Dr. Kaori Miyachi

Kaori Miyachi, a researcher at Saga University, Japan, for gender equality studies. Her academic background is social anthropology, and she had researched in the western part of Kenya, Africa, since 1998. Her publications focused on gender and reproductive health issues in Kenya, such as “Cultural Transformation: Sociocultural Aspects of Female Circumcision among the Gusii People in Kenya”, Nilo-Ethiopian Studies (2014). She also worked on several projects as an expert on gender issues in development organizations like JICA and UNFPA to promote women’s health.

Title: Transition of Female Circumcision in Kenya: Medicalization among Gusii People

Professor Makiko Toda

Makiko Toda is a Professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Society, Kyoto Women’s University, Japan. Her many publications in English and Japanese include Politics in Africa (Ahurica to Seiji), Poverty, Conflict, and Gender (Hinkon, Hunsou, Gender), ‘Culture and Participation of Marginalized People in Development: A Case Study of Rights of Women in North-Eastern Kenya’. She teaches comparative politics and international relations in undergraduate and graduate courses.

Title: FGM: SDGs and Zero Tolerance vs. Patriarchal Mindset in Africa
(A Case Study of the Local Community in Kenya)

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