Our Director, Dr Hannah Nazri, was interviewed by Melisa Melina Idris on “The Future is Female” International Women’s Day Special #IWD2024, about the gender pain gap and ending female genital cutting in Malaysia. This episode aired on 10th March 2024, 2200 MYT on Astro Awani.

A summary of her points:

  • Gender pain gap is real.
  • Women’s health is grossly underfunded.
  • It takes 6-12 years for women to be diagnosed with endometriosis. There is no cure for endometriosis.
  • Most endometriosis research are led/take place in Northern Europe. We need our own research in accordance to international standards by the World Endometriosis Society.
  • Hannah is big supporter of menstrual leave. Women are unique and have unique needs, so accommodations should be made to ensure equity. Menstrual taboo and trivialisation of women’s pain discourage women from seeking help/asking for sick leave.
  • Finally, let’s end female genital cutting (FGC). FGC is not a medical procedure, not a religious obligation.

Watch the interview here:

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