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Established in January 2021, the genesis of our forum traces back to Dr Hannah Nazri's return from a transformative conference hosted by Sisters in Islam in Kuala Lumpur in 2019. Researching for her keynote speech at the conference led her to revisit female genital cutting (FGC) in Malaysia (also known as female circumcision) and the international discourse surrounding it. In early 2020, she connected with Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Rashid Khan after encountering his research on the medicalisation of FGC in Malaysia. Driven by a shared goal to end the practice in Malaysia, Dr Nazri gathered a group of Malaysian doctors dedicated to this mission.

Over time, the group expanded its focus, initiating projects to raise awareness about the gender pain gap, menstrual health, and endometriosis.

Our mission is to cultivate a platform that fosters women's empowerment, advocates for child protection, and champions education, thereby nurturing a brighter future for all. We achieve this mainly by advancing medical education among healthcare professionals, striving to elevate the healthcare standards for Malaysian women to align with global benchmarks.

All Malaysian doctors contributing to Malaysian Doctors for Women & Children generously offer their time without remuneration, balancing this commitment with their demanding clinical roles in hospitals, GP practices, and academic settings across Malaysia and the UK.

Project funding stems from collaborative endeavours with educational institutions or affiliated organisations linked to our volunteering doctors. Each project's funding sources and collaborating entities are transparently disclosed. Further details on our dedicated team of doctors can be found under the 'Team' section.

The funding for this website is graciously provided by Malaysian doctors who selflessly contribute from their personal resources.

Currently, we are unable to accommodate individual donations.

As a forum, rather than a formal organisation with full-time staff, we regret that we cannot provide paid internships or work experiences.

However, if you are a Malaysian medical doctor, we warmly welcome you to volunteer as part of the committee alongside the doctors in our forum. If you are a non-Malaysian medical doctor or medical student, you may volunteer in some of the projects. Given our clinicians' full-time commitments, priority is given to our primary roles. Volunteer opportunities depend on alignment with the mission of Malaysian Doctors for Women & Children and current project needs. If you are interested in contributing, please reach out to us via the contact form below.

We volunteer because we care deeply about Malaysian women and we want Malaysian women to receive the best healthcare.

We hope you will volunteer with us for the same reasons.

*Please note that committee volunteer positions are only open to Malaysian medical doctors. Non-Malaysian medical doctors and medical students may volunteer in some of our projects.

Malaysia Truly Asia

In crafting this website, our Founding Director intentionally eschewed pastel hues and pink, recognising the tendency to marginalise women's issues. Certain colours may inadvertently undermine the portrayal of women as strong and empowered. Thus, black and grey tones, infused with the colours of the Malaysian flag, were chosen to symbolise Malaysian women as resilient, educated, and empowered individuals. Our aim is not to dictate women's choices but to offer knowledge and support for informed decision-making regarding their bodies.

Furthermore, we aim to celebrate Malaysia's diversity by featuring images that capture its myriad landscapes and cultural richness. From the vibrant energy of Kuala Lumpur to the serene beauty of Penang Bridge, from the lush tea plantations of Cameron Highlands to the historic landmarks like Tugu Mahkota Muar in Bandar Muar and the scenic waterfront of Kuching, to the majestic Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, our website showcases the multifaceted essence of Malaysia.

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