Problem statement:

99.3% of Malaysian Malay Muslim female infants experienced some form of FGC (Type 4 female genital cutting: needling/ pricking of the clitoris). Increasingly this practice is being done by healthcare professionals where 20.5% of Malaysian Muslim doctors admitted to performing predominantly pricking or needling of the clitoris with some describing cutting part of the clitoris (Type I FGC) which was unheard of when done by traditional midwives. Malaysian Doctors for Women & Children is committed to ending FGC in Malaysia by healthcare professionals, as, at present, there are no legal or career repercussions to healthcare professionals offering FGC in Malaysia. We do this by educating mainly Malaysian healthcare professionals about FGC – its medical implications including mental health complications of the different practices of FGC worldwide, the international human rights and legal consensus on FGC, as well as its impact on society. As Malaysian Muslim doctors learn to perform FGC from their senior colleagues as this is not taught in medical school, the practice varies and a trend towards more invasive and harmful forms of FGC such as Type I FGC should be stopped.

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We work with civil society organisations and welcome your interest in ending FGC in Malaysia.