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Invisible Malaysia

This is a 4 podcast series of 15-30 minutes each podcast. In the first episode, you will hear her own personal story from a refugee living in Malaysia. The subsequent episodes speak of the contribution of migrants, difficulties faced by the community and the varying responses of ordinary Malaysians to refugees.

Aunty, Please! Podcast: Supporting Malaysia’s Refugee Community with Women for Refugees

This is a 49-minute interview with two partners of Women for Refugees organisation in Malaysia about the work they do. The podcast also discusses the barriers and stereotypes faced by the refugee community and why investing in the refugee community would benefit Malaysia overall.

Global Journalist Podcast: Child Marriage in South East Asia

This is a 29-minute podcast looking at child marriage in South East Asia. They spoke to a journalist from Vietnam, an advocate from Malaysia, and a child protection specialist from Thailand.

Did you know at 15,000 children were married off in Malaysia between 2007-2017?

FGM Stories

This is a 4 podcast series of 10-20 minutes each podcast. In this series, you will hear about the different types of FGC and from an FGC (female genital cutting) survivor. In the 3rd and 4th episodes, you will hear from men about the impact FGC has had on their marriages and advocacy movements led by men to eliminate FGC.

(Featured image: Photo by Bruno Massao from Pexels)