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Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FGM/C)
Public Health: Female Circumcision Has No Place in Healthcare by BFM 89.9 Malaysia, 10th Mar 2021: An interview with April Mohd Khalib (CEO, Galen Centre for Health & Social Policy), Prof Datuk Dr Harlina Siraj (Professor of OBGYN, UKM), Keshia Mahmood (Programme Officer, ARROW)
Tradition is the Biggest Hurdle to Ending FGM/C in Malaysia by BFM 89.9 Malaysia, 6th Feb 2024: An interview with Rozana Isa (Executive Director, Sisters in Islam)
Gender Pain Gap, Menstrual Health, and Endometriosis
The Pain Gap Podcast by Anushay Hossain
Women’s Health and Gender Inequalities Podcast by the WHO, UN University International Institute for Global Health and the BMJ
How Stigma Affects Women’s Health by BFM 89.9 Malaysia, 6th Dec 2021: An interview with Dr Jamiyah Hassan (Senior OBGYN and Fetomaternal Consultant, UITM) and June Low (sex educator)
Brown Women Health Podcast