A non-exhaustive watch list on the topics of female genital mutilation, indigenous rights and issues, and child marriage. Follow us on social media for more.

Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FGM/C)

The Truth about Female Genital Mutilation

200 million women have been subjected to FGC (female genital cutting) with 3 million at risk every year. This short 3-minute video explains what FGC is, the inherent health risks, and the broad outlines of prevention approach.

Sisters In Islam (SIS): “Seminar Sunat Perempuan: Mengenal dan #PikirBalik Amalan Turun-Menurun,” February 8, 2021

Female Genital Mutilation still happens in Singapore

This is an 11-minute video where the host speaks to two women in Singapore who had undergone FGC (female genital cutting). The first woman she interviewed spoke about how she felt when she found out she underwent FGC as a child and about the silence around FGC. The second woman she interviewed is an activist with Crit Talk, an organisation that provides a safe space for Malay women to talk about FGC and address the issue of consent.

FGM Survivor: Leyla Hussein’s Story

Leyla talks about how she was subjected to FGC (female genital cutting) when she was 7 years old. She recollects the day she was subjected to FGC, the impact on her sexuality, and why she thinks FGC should be eliminated.

A survivor’s plea to end child marriage | Payzee Mahmod

Payzee was born in the UK. When she was 16 years old, she was forced to marry an older man. No adult intervened to stop the marriage. Her older sister was also subjected to an abusive child marriage. Her sister left her marriage with tragic consequences to herself. Payzee thankfully escaped her child marriage and as a survivor, she is now a campaigner in the UK to make child marriage a crime.

How Female Circumcision is Still Practised in Malaysia – The Hidden Cut

A good starting place if you want to find out more about the practice of FGC in Malaysia. The host speaks to mak bidans (traditional midwives), doctors, and also to Dato Asri about why FGC is practised in Malaysia and how it is done.

Indigenous rights

Out of Sight: Malaysia’s Orang Asli | 101 East

Seven Orang Asli children ran from their boarding school. Only two made it home alive. Why did they run away from their school? This video speaks about the mistreatment of Orang Asli children in boarding schools and the prejudicial attitudes faced by the Orang Asli community.

Sabah’s Invisible Children | 101 East

There is a generation of children growing up stateless, and therefore at high risk of abuse. These children are denied an education and health care. This documentary explores the plight of these children and inevitable physical and emotional trauma as a consequence.

Child Marriage

11-Year-Old Brides In Malaysia?! | NANDINI SAYS

If you just want a quick overview of child marriage in Malaysia, this is the video for you. Nandini, a Youtube vlogger talks about the statistics behind child marriage in Malaysia, the legalities around the topic and the reasons parents choose to marry their children off at a young age.

Child marriage: Why does it persist in the US? | The Stream

We tend to associate child marriage with developing countries, however this is also happening in developed countries. Child marriage is still legal in many US states. 80% involved young children marrying adults. This video is an online forum with three campaigners discussing child marriage in USA.

(Featured image: Photo by Bruno Massao from Pexels)