A non-exhaustive watch list on the topics of female genital mutilation/cutting, and gender pain gap, menstrual health and endometriosis. Follow us on social media for more.

Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FGM/C)
The Truth about Female Genital Mutilation
200 million women have been subjected to FGC (female genital cutting) with 3 million at risk every year. This short 3-minute video explains what FGC is, the inherent health risks, and the broad outlines of prevention approach.
Sisters In Islam (SIS): “Seminar Sunat Perempuan: Mengenal dan #PikirBalik Amalan Turun-Menurun,” February 8, 2021
Female Genital Mutilation still happens in Singapore
This is an 11-minute video where the host speaks to two women in Singapore who had undergone FGC (female genital cutting). The first woman she interviewed spoke about how she felt when she found out she underwent FGC as a child and about the silence around FGC. The second woman she interviewed is an activist with Crit Talk, an organisation that provides a safe space for Malay women to talk about FGC and address the issue of consent.
How Female Circumcision is Still Practised in Malaysia – The Hidden Cut
A good starting place if you want to find out more about the practice of FGC in Malaysia. The host speaks to mak bidans (traditional midwives), doctors, and also to Dato’ Asri about why FGC is practised in Malaysia and how it is done.
Gender Pain Gap, Menstrual Health, and Endometriosis
Brain on Fire (2016)

“Brain on Fire” is a movie adaptation of Susannah Cahalan’s memoir, depicting her true story of a mysterious illness. Susannah Cahalan’s struggle to obtain a correct diagnosis in “Brain on Fire” reflects the gender health gap, where women’s medical concerns are often dismissed or misattributed. Her symptoms were initially attributed to alcohol, drugs, and depression, highlighting a tendency to overlook women’s physical health issues and instead focus on psychological explanations. This case underscores the need for improved recognition and understanding of women’s health conditions, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses regardless of gender.
Heavy periods, intense pain and no one to talk to. Could you have endometriosis? By Magda Marečková
Subtitles in Bahasa Melayu available. Around 190 million women worldwide have their lives devastated by the agonising pain, heavy periods and difficulties in getting pregnant that endometriosis can be accountable for. Yet, we hardly ever talk about endometriosis and many women suffer silently for years before finding help. This is something that needs to change. Urgently. That is why we have made this video and ask you to help us spread the word. Share this video with everyone you think needs to know about endometriosis. We hope that next time people hear the word ‘endometriosis’ there will be less confusion on their faces and more appreciation for how debilitating this conditions is for the ones that live with it.
MyEndosis Our Story with Call to Action (English)
A call to action by MyEndosis (The Endometriosis Association of Malaysia).
EndO (2019)
In this comedic short film directed by Alice Seabright, the main character Jaq accompanies her sister Claire to the hospital for a hysterectomy to treat her endometriosis. While waiting, Jaq shares the story of her date, highlighting the challenges of living with the condition. Endometriosis is a chronic condition characterised by pelvic pain, often occurring during menstruation, caused by the shedding of the endometrial layer into the abdominal cavity. Treatment options are limited to pain management, hormonal therapy, or surgery.